In 2012, U.S. Kids Golf created the U.S. Kids Golf Coaches Institute, and since that time, the Coaches Institute has trained over 6000 coaches worldwide. Representing more than 60 nations, this global community of coaches has learned best practices and provided resources to better serve young players as they develop a passion for golf.

The Coaches Institute is enhancing its support and training for coaches by offering two levels of certification based on the coach’s training and three levels of recognition for those executing the Player Pathway. Each graduated level is designed to further the coach’s understanding of player development as well as recognize the study and integration of best practices into a particular program.

Certified Coach 1

Certified Coach 1 is the foundational training that lays out basic principles in assuring coaches understand the nuances and six key elements specific to coaching young golfers. Coaches attaining this level of certification have a basic understanding of how to overcome the common challenges of coaching kids, the principles of games-based learning, the importance of proper club fitting for growing golfers, how to plan a successful program, and the best way to make learning fun for new students.

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Certified Coach 2

Certified Coach 2 is the advanced education offered by the Coaches Institute. Coaches learn how to motivate and inspire students based on their different personality traits, have a more structured program and curriculum for each student’s journey, and how to better communicate with parents that will show marked progression for their investment which keeps their kids enrolled in the program for longer time periods.

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Certified Pathway Coach 3

Certified Pathway Coach 3 denotes that a coach has completed both introductory and advanced stages of General Education and has implemented the U.S. Kids Golf Player Pathway curriculum into their program. These coaches are actively using the Player Pathway App that tracks progression for each student and is providing rewards and incentives to provide a “Next” to encourage faster progress. A Certified Pathway Coach 3 is trained in developing players through 5 Levels of the Player Pathway.

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