To Our Coaches

Few people in golf, much less the world at large, understand what a difficult and at times, near-impossible task you have.

Coaching juniors is too often an afterthought of the club, or just as bad, not funded or resourced in a proper way. The best coaches know that you can’t teach kids the same way you teach adults, but even most of them struggle with certain aspects of scheduling, ordering, parent communication, progress tracking, or program structure. These coaches, YOU, deserve better.

This is why U.S. Kids Golf has established a Coaches Institute. We have combined best practices from 25 years of leading the world in all things kids golf, with lessons learned from hundreds of brilliant golf minds from around the world, and now added easy, accessible, and affordable technology that will allow us to better serve you and your program better than any golf organization ever could before.

I urge you to commit to learning all we have to offer. And our commitment to you is to provide you outstanding service and support. For coaches that elect to be part of our Coach Directory, we have tens of thousands of families that are looking for you. For coaches that want to continue to learn and grow, we have classes and programs that will provide you with specialized insight that will surely assist you. And for coaches who truly aspire to stand out, we especially urge you to progress through our Player Pathway Certifications. Two of the largest programs in the country, our Academy at Longleaf and the Grand Slam Academy at Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta, implemented the use of the Player Pathway have seen explosive growth.

Golf has seen lean times and strong times in recent years, but one that doesn’t change is the need to nurture and develop the next generation of players. Now we can do that better than ever before. But golf needs you to make that happen. And we are here to assist you in any way we can. Thank you for what you do for our game, our industry, and for the hundreds of thousands of families we all serve around the world.