For Parents: The Right Start

The mission of U.S. Kids Golf is to serve families through golf. We earnestly believe that golf is a family game, and every parent is a co-coach in their young player’s journey from beginner to a lifelong golfer. Thus, in order to fulfill our mission, we want to equip every parent with the resources they might need get their kid the right equipment, matched with the best coach in their area, and show them how best to engage and support their young golfer as they learn, practice, and ultimately come to love the game.

Getting Fit For Clubs

U.S. Kids Golf was founded on the principle that properly fitting clubs give kids the best chance to learn, play, and improve. Today, we offer more options than any other organization, with three distinct lines for young players, based on size and ability. We also provide all the resources you need to make sure getting the right equipment for your young player is simple and easy.

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Player Pathway Curriculum

The U.S. Kids Golf Coaches Institute has developed a roadmap that can take virtually player from absolute beginner to an elite competition player in simple, incremental steps. Even more, this easy-to-follow series of booklets makes developing the proper golf skills fun and rewarding. It’s used by many of the top junior coaches in the world but simple enough for any parent to use.

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Parent / Child Camps

In 2017, the U.S. Kids Golf National Academy – along with Longleaf Golf & Family Club – began to offer 4-day Parent-Child Camps as a way for families to learn golf, encourage each other, and most importantly, grow closer together. On all three levels, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

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Parent / Caddie Presentations

Helping Your Young Player Reach Their Potential: This presentation will provide you insight into worldwide best practices of golf coaches, physiologists, sports psychologists, and U.S. Kids Golf leaders. Should your young golfer play other sports? What are the best practices in club fitting young golfers? What should I do as a caddie? How can I adopt a positive mindset when caddying or spectating? Click below to learn more.

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