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The mission of U.S. Kids Golf is to serve families through golf. We earnestly believe that golf is a family game, and every parent is a co-coach in their young player’s journey from beginner to a lifelong golfer. Thus, in order to fulfill our mission, we want to equip every parent with the resources they might need to get their kid the right equipment, matched with the best coach in their area, and show them how best to engage and support their young golfer as they learn, practice, and ultimately come to love the game.

The Short Game Documentary

The first original Netflix documentary and one of the most influential pieces of media for growing the game, The Short Game follows the journey of eight young golfers as they chase their dreams to compete in, and win, the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship. Family friendly and inspiring, this is a can’t miss.

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U.S. Kids Golf produces a series of podcasts aimed at celebrating parents, coaches, and organizations that are working to make the game easier to learn and more fun to play.

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