For Parents: More Advanced

The mission of U.S. Kids Golf is to serve families through golf. We earnestly believe that golf is a family game, and every parent is a co-coach in their young player’s journey from beginner to a lifelong golfer. Thus, in order to fulfill our mission, we want to equip every parent with the resources they might need get their kid the right equipment, matched with the best coach in their area, and show them how best to engage and support their young golfer as they learn, practice, and ultimately come to love the game.

Tour Series

If your young player can consistently get the ball airborne and generally in the proper direction, they might be ready to move up to our Tour Series line. Tour Series offers premium components designed for the more skilled player but are still fit according to a player’s size. Many of the top young players in the world play Tour Series clubs until their height demands they move to adult brands.

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Parent / Child Tournaments

A very rewarding feeling is accomplishing a goal together as a parent/child team, and the memories you make while working towards that goal far outweigh any prize. We’re proud to offer opportunities for parents and kids to compete and grow together – in golf and as a family.

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Local Tours

U.S. Kids Golf Local Tours are created to provide boys and girls, ages 5 to 18, the opportunity to advance their skills in the game in age-appropriate competition without having to take the time and incur the costs of having to travel long distances. A Local Tour consists of between six and eight one-day tournaments including a season-ending one-day Local Tour Championship.

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